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  • Can I choose what background I want to use?
    Yes, Our standard is a one of a kind vintage wood background. Our other options are classic black as well as several glittery options; black, white, gold and silver.
  • Why do you charge a travel fee?
    Lola may be cute, but she has some age on her. We try to keep her in the best shape possible, so for events out of town we load her up and haul her. We also have to factor in fuel cost and the time we spend traveling to events farther away.
  • Can I use the bus as a prop in my photo shoot?
    We love collaborating with photographers and coordinators for editorial shoots and photo minis. Contact us for info on our hourly rates.
  • Do you ever donate Carolina Booth and Bus photo bus services for fundraiser or charity events?
    Yes! We earmark a certain number of community and giving hours each year for the purpose of supporting our local fundraisers and charity events. Please contact us with as much advance notice as possible so we can work out the details.
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